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"How to install Line for PC and enjoy with Line untuk PC"

Line for PC

"Line for PC free on your computer. Send text messages and make free calls with this app. You can now download Line for PC free and install an alternative to WhatsApp for PC."

How to install Line for PC

Line for PC is an instant messaging application that offers us new releases and other features that other instant messaging app do not have. Line Camera or Line Card are some of them. Don't wait any longer to download Line for PC free, install and enjoy with Line for PC on your personal computer.

Download Line for PC

Line for PC is available for computer in a quick and easy. Download Line for PC is not difficult way. Now install the app on your computer will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family of fun and easy way. Download Line for PC free and enjoy with your friends and to share images for this app.

Line for PC is available for iPhone, Android and others plataforms

Line is available for multiple platforms. In addition to the installed on your computer, this application is downloaded by many users on the tablet. The increase in sales of tablets Samsung and the iPad has helped to increase the number of downloads for these devices. It is increasingly common to see the version Line for iPad in the tablet of Apple or Line for Samsung in the tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab. Line is available free of charge for other platforms, such as:

  • Line for iPhone
  • Line for iPad
  • Line for Android
  • Line for Blackberry
  • Line for Windows Phone
  • Line for Mac
  • Line for Windows

Line for PC is the most downloaded instant messaging app at the moment. Little by little Line for PC is gaining users throughout the world. Don't wait anymore for now enjoying this great app and invite all your contacts to install Line PC.

Original Japanese and English Line PC versions that are available in many countries have reached 75 million users around the world. Line PC is gaining followers day by day. There are hundreds of them who are now enjoying its benefits.

Line for PC is available if you already have installed the instant messaging app for your Smartphone. Then download the Line app for PC version on your computer, but do not forget to register an account before. From this link you can download the app for instant messaging along with their accessories such as Line Camera and Line Card.

Line for PC Apps

Download line for computer line camera app line card app line brush app 

Download Line PC to make your life easier and more fun. Share pictures and text messages and send them all in a quick and easy way.

Install Line for PC on computer without a Smartphone

Line PC can be installed on your computer without having a Smartphone. To do this, we will use an emulator for Android like Bluestacks, which is available at Its installation is very simple, just follow the steps that appear on the screen (it is basically to click on “accept” and “continue”). Once you have the emulator Bluestacks, you must look for Line PC in the searching box on the emulator (the magnifying glass), and with just three steps you will have Line on your computer.

  • Updated: February 6, 2014

  • Latest version: 4.0.1

  • Size: 19 MB

  • License: Free

Free calls with Line for PC or Smartphone from United States to Europe

Call friends for free on any computer, mobile device or Smartphone. LINE for PC supports free calls on Android, iPhone or PC. Enjoy high quality calls free, anytime with this app for PC and from both your Smartphone. Takes all the advantages that you offer this application. Line for PC allows you to make calls in addition to sending text messages, images and videos to all your friends and contacts. Contacts with family and friends, and make free calls with Line for PC free from the United States to Europe.

Line Naver PC offers the possibility to enjoy details that include improvements in the operation of the messaging application, such as locating contacts who already have the app on your Smartphone. You also have the option to use QR codes to add contacts on the agenda. Moreover, you can take advantage of other utilities as a Line Card that allows you to create fantastic postcards or a Line Camera with which you can take photos and share them.

Download Line for PC and enjoy its new features that we have for the app. Line Tools a set of utilities, Line Play allows us to create an avatar for free games, Line Band allows you to create groups of friends and Line Antivirus protects your data from malware and viruses.

Users who do not have the possibility to buy a smartphone can download Line for PC.

The increase in sales of Smartphones is a determining factor that increases day by day the number of downloads that users perform messaging application. Users who do not have the possibility to buy a smartphone can download Line for PC on their personal computers, maintain contact with their friends and send text messages from your computer thanks to Line PC. The increase in sales of Smartphone has encouraged the emergence of many messaging applications and the development of different versions for different operating systems and software for your Smartphone. This is the case of the instant messaging app for Blackberry Messenger that tiller versions for Android and iPhone. With this launch BBM for Android intends to compete with applications such as Line, WhatsApp, WeChat and other instant messaging apps.

Line for PC creates new partnerships in the United States

Line for computer can overthrow WhatsApp in the next months. The advertizing campaigns that the Line is carrying out begin giving good results in the United States. The marketing campaigns seem to be a bet of the Japanese company than to developed Line for Android or other versions of the app as Line for PC. Download this app for PC now.

Line on PC is constantly updated, now it is the turn of new Stickers. The head of the Line in Spain announced us that Spanish designers and illustrators will be in charge of creating the new Stickers Line Naver. The new commitment of the company is to provide the application of local content that can distinguish it clearly from its competition. We look forward to the novelties of this app.

News Stickers app download new stickers and we look forward to the novelties of line naver stickers collection for line  

Line the best known version for download on your computer grows thanks to other advertising campaigns launched also in Europe. In Spain specifically with a TV spot with the slogan 'life is more fun with Line'.

Line for computer advertising campaigns

Line is the app from messaging to more TV ads to starred. This way of promoting application has been copied by other messaging apps as it is the case of WeChat. This messaging app has starred in TV commercials to promote its discharge, next a known sportsman as Lionel Messi, awarded on various occasions.

WeChat for PC direct competition Line for computer, WhatsApp for PC, Viber and other apps messaging follows the steps of Line to disseminate its application through TV advertisements. All messaging apps developers use any resources at its disposal to publicize their application.

For this reason they invest lots of money in advertising campaigns to get more users and gain share of this market booming.

Line for PC: you know all the possibilities

Learn how to connect your PC or laptop and your Smartphone with Line, the instant messaging application of Japanese origin, known by the users as the Asian WhatsApp.

Line allows you to use the application from your PC when you're at home and in your Smartphone when you leave it. Stay in touch with your friends, wherever you are. This possibility is highly recommended for those users who already have line installed in your Smartphone.

In order to install Line on your PC if you use a smartphone, you will have to register the account with your email. Don't expect more to test alternative is really interesting, the combination of Line in your Smartphone and your personal computer. Synchronizes your conversations from your smartphone to your PC. Share content and keep your devices to the day. Don't miss the comments of your friends wherever you are. Taking advantage of all the functions of Line in your PC or Smartphone.

Line each time it is more present in the Smartphone users around the world. Many of them have opted for their installation. New users downloaded the app and users of other messaging apps that want to enjoy the features Line offers totally free.